Health and Fitness

We understand that when people make a decision to improve their health and fitness it is a commitment. It is a commitment they make to themselves but support to achieve their goals may be needed

Workout Programmes

The principal method people look to for getting healthier and fitter is through workout plans. With VD Coaching, we can offer home and gym workout programmes that do not interfere with your social life.

We have a fantastic facility just on the outskirts of Sunderland city centre where we can conduct workout classes. Alternatively, you can do them in your own time, at your own pace, at a location that suits you.

All of our programmes are designed around your needs and will help in achieving a more active and healthier lifestyle for you.

Nutrition Plans

As part of our efforts to support clients with their training, we also offer nutrition plans that can be individual and personalised. These plans include a nutrition and training plan, weekly check-ins with one of our team, 24/7 support and weekly changes to plan (when necessary) depending on how your body is changing.

At VD Coaching, we can build you a plan whether your goals are:

Weight Loss
Weight Gain
Muscle building
Tone Up

Healthier Lifestyle
Muscular Endurance
Muscle Strengthening

All plans are completely personalised to the individual so a client profile will need to be filled out in detail first. We offer one off plans for training and nutrition starting from £20 per month. Alternatively I offer a coaching package at £60 per month.